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"Among Cubans, to feel like a Cuban"

Bilingual guide service for groups and individuals. Routes and excursions run all over Cuba. Presenting Cuba, its history, culture and traditions.


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Welcome to Cuba

All epochs are good for visiting Cuba, country full of traditions that preserve proudly a splendid architecture of great patrimonial value, it possesses an exuberant nature with landscapes marked by the natural charm, beautiful beaches, a history among the most beautiful ones belonging to America, a culture with aboriginal- African -Hispanic roots and a small amount of French, Chinese and North American creating an unique mixture that only can be known visiting this Beautiful Island  in which Cubans are hospitality and the most charismatic all over the world, you will be surrounded by a safe environment and homely that´s for you feel your sojourn like an unprecedented event in your life.

Each one of these details with your own hands will be knocked with Alber The Hiker, you will taste Rum, Tobacco and Cuban Music, take a walk for Havana in a Classical American car that will be like moving back in the time, you will visit tobacco plantations, Coffee, Cocoa and Sugar Cane and you will learn from the producer’s hand .The humble peasant trains Cuban each one of these products that run in the blood out of every one of us ,you will enjoy the history of his principal and the most important city , you will see historical places of national and international interest, will visit National park enjoying the exquisite nature that The biggest of the West Indies, with us  you´ll find each day a different character that will let you full of emotions because you will be ¨among Cubans , as you were one of them¨.

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We accomplish journeys for all the island in dependence of the interests of the customers as from 5 days on, these journeys can be at full length and width of the country or only upon determined part of the island either East, Center or Occident, these will be organized for groups of 2 to 8 people, will come from exclusive character because transportation be evident with modern air-conditioned cars and comfort,a driver with over 15 years of experience for all Cuba, the accommodations in case of being organized by our team you are going to stay at “ Casas particulares” Because from 1996 the Cuban Government authorized the proprietors to rent part of their houses to tourists, many accommodations exist with over 15 years of experience in this kind of work and it creates the sensation of living inside of a museum, this form of experience in this work we suggest it and guarantee it because the day-to-day routine of the Cubans at their own neighborhood is a way of life.

Our team does not work at the same time with different groups because we are a team and a good part of exclusivity is put by us, if you want to feel Among Cubans, as you were a Cuban, visit Cuba with Alber  The Hiker!

The principal destinations in Cuba are:

Havana in the Occident, Trinidad and Santiago de Cuba in the East; Close to Havana we have Viñales, Varadero and Cienaga de Zapata; We have a beautiful cities at Trinidad’s surroundings Cienfuegos, Santi Espíritus  and Santa Clara, all cities top parts with his respective attractions; in the east part we have Bayamo , Villa of San Salvador, Holguín’s City with  Guardalavaca´s beach meet Santiago de Cuba in the close East, and The First City of Cuba, Baracoa, that with its history, traditions and nature, it captives to each visitor that stops to know a little  bit its people.

In the Center East of the country is Camagüey ¨La Villa del Puerto del Príncipe¨. ( The Village of the Port of the Prince ),¨Los Jardines del Rey en la Cayería Norte con Cayo Coco y Cayo Guillermo ( The Gardens of the king in the North small islands as: Coco and Guillermo) and in the southern ¨Los Jardines de La Reina¨  ( small island Queen’s Gardens), both excellent Gardens to practice diving.

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