Viñales Valley

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Knowing the tobaccos land

It can break from 2 points for this excursion: from customers accommodations or Hotels if it breaks from Havana will both places we would leave at 7:30 am, if it breaks from Viñales we will go out  at  9:00 am  where we will move around in our cars to Tabacco’s productive farmstead ( Lat: 22,624 Lon: – 83,708 ) where a dialogue of approximately an hour and inside of a tobacco´s house where we will go by observing each of the stages of the traditional process of tobacco, anthology, drying, fermentation, classification and manufacture are some of the steps that will be explained and exemplified,so,through this way knowing all of the stages of the Tobacco at the best- tobacco´s land all over the world.

We will continue the excursion with a ride on a horse for a beautiful part of Viñales’s Valley arriving that way even of the Valley of the Silence right after this ( Lat: 22,632 Lon: – 83,691 ), throughout this walk we will have opportunity to visit little expositive signs where we will know about coffee and one of a lot of fame’s local rums to national so-called  Guayabita del Pinar, right after this nice walk and ending up in Tobacco’s farmstead we will proceed to have lunch at at a local restaurant where we will enjoy during this Viñales’s wonderful Valley and its Mogotes.After lunch we will go towards the Indium’s Cave ( Lat: 22,621 Lon: – 83,737 ) we will enjoy a beautiful sight of Viñales’s Antlers, principal attraction of the Valley during the transfer towards the cave only attraction of the valley for its natural formation at the landscapes of Cuba´s geography, to the entrance of the cave we will enjoy a mini show as a representative of the indium at his village, going into the Indium’s Cave in this way where the first 200 m we will transit enjoying  inside different lithic formations, the second part is going to be by boat. We will accomplish it canned through a subterranean river that take us for some 300 To the way out, where finalizing the journey for so wonderful cavern will transfer us to visit The Board of Prehistory ( Lat: 22,619 Lon: – 83,742 ), this mural was made by Leovigildo González between the years 1960-1964, with a dimension of 80 m of height for 120 m in width this mural is considered one of the greatest worldly, with this mural coloring and and its surroundings. We would finish our excursion returning to the starting points.

This excursion, leaving from Havana is estimated about 11 hrs, but coming out from any accommodation of Viñales´ Valley has a total success in 8 hrs.


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