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Trinidad is the third founded village in Cuba by the Spanishes in 1514. It is also considered the city museum of Cuba,due to you can find one of the best preserved architectonic of the Carib, its beautiful paved streets, its fascinating palaces, its different architectural styles captivate all the visitors, at this precious city we will know first of all its historic center with visits to the museums Palacio Don Justo Germán Cantero, Museo Romántico Palacio Bournet, Museo de Arquitectura Casa Familia Sánchez Iznaga, older Church  The Most Holy of  Trinidad, we will enjoy the wonderful facades as well as The Biggest Square during that journey of the palaces and marry of the years of cologne which preserve the architecture style, something that only is  enjoyed at that grade of conservation in the Most Holy Trinidad.

Also it has the famous Valle de los  Ingenios. This beautiful city inside of whom finds The Ingenio Manaca Iznaga and San Isidro’s of the principal Destiladeros exponents of the epoch of gold of the Sugar Cane Processing Plants during last decades of the century XVIII and even mediated of the century XIX epoch that took to Trinidad its maximum splendor due to in this place where African blood and juice of cane blended to forge the riches that gave origin to all that majestic architecture.

But it is not just architecture what we have in Trinidad, close by The City museum you find enclaved in the Conjunto Montañoso Guamuaya the National Park Topes De Collantes the one that it is 850 meters of height above sea level where we enjoy of an exuberant nature with different journeys in which we can enjoy of animals and endemic plants, beautiful landscapes ideal moment for the interchange with nature.

Also in Trinidad we can enjoy of walking out on horseback for its precious Valleys taking a bath  in the fresh waters one of its little river and learning during the trajectory with native people about their way of living,cultivations like Coffee tasting a tasty coffee that goes from the coffee bean to the cup of coffee in our eyes an experience  that won´t be forgotten.



Starting at 9:00 am from the corner of Gloria and Desengaño street ( Lat: 21,804 Lon: – 79,985 ) or from accommodations or Hotels of the customers, we will begin to know a little about the history of the city visiting the historical  municipal museum Don Augusto Germán Cantero Palace that belonged to the family and it keeps inside many tangible riches and intangibles ones that recreate all the history of the third village founded in Cuba, straightaway and in the meantime we enjoy during two blocks of its paved streets and its wonderful buildings we will go up to the Biggest Square  where we will have fun with its Historical  Center, visiting The most holy Trinity’s Cathedral, El Museo Romántico Palacio Burnet and the Museum of Architecture, the last one  is the only one of this type in Cuba, after that we will walk for the streets of the City Museum of the Carib,so to enjoy of its houses, doors, windows, rooftops, squares, small squares and what’s most important of its inhabitants, we will finish this first  part having lunch in a local restaurant in the Historic Center of The Village of Saint Trinity. We will in the afternoon transfer to The Sugar Mill Valley where in the first part we will visit The Lookout the Port’s Hill ( Lat: 21,811 Lon: – 79,946 ) from where we will have a sight of the valley that in the centuries XVIII and XIX it was the oldest producer of sugar of Cuba, after the lookout we will dwell on the two more productive Ingenuities of its epoch the one belonging to San Isidro de los Destiladeros and the Manaca Iznaga ( Lat: 21,842 Lon: – 79,866 ) and after enjoying these majestic installations to return to our point of exit and in this way finishing our day.

This excursion comes true about in 8 hrs



Starting from Independencia’s corner ´s street at 9:30 am and Boca street ( Lat: 21,805 Lon: – 79,986 ) or from accommodations or Hotels of the customers we will stop to enjoy some coffee to depart on horseback for the ancient road that was conducting to the Valley of Ingenuities, the journey accomplishes  itself for a very close small valley to the City where we will enjoy some ruins like ancient entrance of the valley, Factories of clay tiles and to the 20 min of walking, but  an especial coffee a coffee which we will know all of the phases of the process of the coffee and all the Traditional process that the peasant Cubans to consume a coffee prepared of that one accomplish Traditional and organic form in front of us, after this unique and unforgettable experience we will continue our ride on a horse to go up to a  small brook with a little natural Swimming Pool where we will refresh a little in its waters and right after this to continue our ride on a horseback to get to a local restaurant in between the field where to the countryside’s breeze we will have lunch and in this way after the lunch changing positions and ready to relax in Ancon beach, considered one of the 10 beaches most beautiful of Cuba. We will return to the Historic Center when finalizing the afternoon on this way finishing our journey.

This excursion has a duration about 9 hrs



Starting at the corner of Boca and Jesús María street at 7:30 am ( Lat: 21,805 Lon: – 79,987 ) or from accommodations or Hoteles of the customers. We will change positions from Trinidad to the Macizo Montañoso Conjunto Guamuaya, we will begin to climb 12 km from the city, arriving half-way down the road to stop at the lookout Balcón del Caribe ( Carib’s Balcony)( Lat: 21,863 Lon: – 80,020 ) where we will enjoy a spectacular sight of Trinidad’s city that this surrounds, Casilda’s Port and all of the seashore of the Island, After a break of 10 minutes, we will continue the journey to go deep into The National Park Topes de Collantes ( Lat: 21,916 Lon: – 80,018 ) where  we are going to be 850 meters  of height above sea level, we will enjoy an exuberant vegetation changing positions to Farmstead’s neighborhood Codinas ( Lat: 21,898 Lon: – 80,042 ) where 2 km before will begin the long walk to go enjoying the exclusivities of the flora and the park’s fauna, so, through  this way going up to The Farmstead Codinas where we will accomplish a journey for all over the farm that is  known under the name of The Magic Carpet where we will visit a garden of orchids, a garden of bamboos, Aladino’s Cave, the lookout we will get is Codinas’s Balcony and to finish through the meditation’s corner, finishing this amenable journey we will set out to have lunch at the farmstead, so, to the end came back in our cars towards the Historic center of the city the Carib’s museum enjoying in our journey the beautiful landscapes of the highest mountainous set of the center part of the country.

This excursion last about 10 hrs.


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