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The hot land of Cuba, place where was born rum Bacardí, The traditional Cuban music, seventh founded village and Capital of the country for over 50 years, is at this city where Fidel with the attack to the Moncada Garrinson starts the revolutionary fight for the independence from that moment once the most relevant facts was linked at the fight for the revolution.

During the visit to Santiago de Cuba we can enjoy of its museums which tell a great part of its history and its traditions, like: Museum of Rum, Museum Casa Natal de José María Heredia, Museum del Carnaval, Museum de la clandestinidad, and Museum de el 26 de julio,also it is possible to see oldest house of Cuba Casa of Diego Velázquez, The Cathedral La Asunción, Céspedes´park, Filial of Government and The Hotel Casa Granda to mention some of his edifications in the historic center.

The city has the third bay in importance of the Island which in the tender age of the conquest was for a while the principal and the most important for this reason it is watched by San Pedro’s fortress de La Roca and Borja of the most beautiful ones belonging to the country for its fantastic view of the entrance of the bay. The National Park also possesses La Gran piedra that offers us an excellent climate for an Exotic Flowers Garden and it has a height of 1200 meters above sea level, and for an exuberant flora and fauna, we will find ruins of the first coffee plantations like Finca La Isabelicia which lodges testimony of the French colonists that established at the zone at the beginning of  XIX century for the production.

This province has also the island’s most famous Sanctuary named El Santuario de la Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, place that is visited every day by thousands of Cubans that they go up to ask her for health and good luck for them and all their family, famous people as Ernest Hemingway, the most famous Sportsmen and Artists from the island give to the Virgin their most valued trophies as symbol of respect and gratitude to her protection.

it also Possess Santa Efigenia’s Cemetery place where Jose Martí, Carlos Manuel de Cespedes and Fidel Castro rest in.



Beginning at 9:00 am from accommodations or Hoteles of the customers, we will move around in the historic center to the bay’s lookout that is  in a distance of two blocks from the central square known as El Balcón De Diego Velázquez ( Lat: 20,020 Lon: – 75,830 ) we will have a brief introduction to the history of the city from this place and besides we will be able to enjoy a formidable view of the bay like El Tibolí,neighborhood with French settlement in  XIX century, after this brief visit we will change positions to the Céspedes Park from where We will enjoy the most important edifications of the historic center of the city, Santiago’s Cathedral, the most ancient house that nowadays is a museum named Casa de Diego Velasquez where we will enjoy of buildings like The Hotel Casa Granda, Municipal Government’s building among other ones, to transfer for Aguilera street to The provincial museum Emilio Bacardí where we will know about the history, not only of Santiago, but of all the island in one of the most complete museum of the country, after this and enjoying the musicality of Santiago´s streets we will transfer to The Rum’s museum place where we will know about the history and attributes of  Cuban Rum,we will change positions to have lunch at a local restaurant.After that we will go to Santa Ifigenia´s Graveyard ( Lat: 20,035 Lon: – 75,839 ) Grave that keeps the rests of important personalities of the cuban history and the culture like our National Heroe José Martí, The historic leader of The Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz Which receives guard’s honor ceremony with a period of 30 minutes, Emilio Bacardí’s, Compay Segundo, Tomas Estrada Palmas, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, Mariana Grajales and many other personalities, so, through this way

To continue towards The Sanctuary of Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre ( Lat: 20,050 Lon: – 75,948 ) the religious place of extreme importance for the Cubans’, this virgin María’s great majority has been venerated from her appearing in XVII century, many are the stories that accompany her and many are the Cubans that all years visit her from the island’s points with her pilgrimage asking for good fortune for them and all theirs stops with this last pilgrimage returning to the starting points.

This excursion lasts about 9:00 hrs



Starting from accommodations at 9:00 am or from customers’s hotels, we will take the transportation to displace for Siboney’s road,very  interesting road for all of the monuments that accompany her to the little farm siboney, following the road toward The Great Stone, where before going up to the top we will stop to visit the Garden Bird Of Paradise where we will enjoy exotic plants, due to it is located at 750 meters above sea level with climatic favorable conditions for growing plants of other latitudes,then we will continue towards The Great Stone ( Lat: 20,026 Lon: – 75,630 ) where after leaving cars we will climb to this great Stone’s top leaving behind 459 steps of stair and catching up with a height of 1214 meters above sea level,from that point we will enjoy a view of the city of Santiago de Cuba, its coast and good part of the mountain range of Santiago, after descending will continue in the road towards The museum farmstead La Isabelica ( Lat: 20,027 Lon: – 75,581 ) there we can find the ruins of the house of Don Contantin.  This place is  considered the first coffee plantation in Cuba, with a representation of  instruments as well as the different state property’s premisess yield one panoramic of how in XVIII century was the work, finishing our visit to The Great Stone to descend visiting the Prehistory’s Park and going to have lunch in a local restaurant, where after lunch we will visit the Snout’s Castle ( Lat: 19,968 Lon: – 75,869 ) beautiful military fortress located in the entrance of Santiago´s bay where in addition to enjoy the majesty of the castle we will enjoy also the precious view of the bay in this way we will finish our excursion and that way returning to our starting points.

This excursion lasts about 9:00 hrs


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