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Our customers will know The Capital of all of the Cubans in American classical cars, our clients will start from their accommodations, we will go over the principal points and the city’s most important streets such like  ¨El Malecón¨(The seashore), ¨La fortaleza de San Carlos de La Cabaña¨( San Carlos’s fortress of The Cabin),¨La fortaleza de Los Tres Reyes Magos Del Morro¨,(The Three Wise Men’s fortress of the Snout),¨El capitolio¨. (The Capitol),¨El gran teatro de la Habana¨ (The Great Theater of Havana),¨La plaza de la Revolución¨ (The Revolution  main square)among other ones; This first journey connects us with the Natives of Havana’ quotidian life and we enjoy the magic contrast of the Havana streets and its hundred-years-old buildings, and we will finish at the afternoon to complete this magic journey walking the shocking streets of Old Havana, to see some well-known historical places like ¨La Catedral y su Plaza¨(The Cathedral and its squuare),  ¨La plaza de Armas¨(The Parade Ground), ¨Plaza de San Francisco¨ (San Francisco square),¨La plaza vieja¨ (The Old Square), ¨Castillo de la real Fuerza¨(The Real Power’s Castle),  ¨El palacio de los Capitanes Generales¨(The Marshals’ Palace),¨El Palacio del Segundo Cabo¨ (The Second-In-Command’s Palace), ´El templete¨(The Small Temple),¨La Bodeguita del Medio¨ (The shop of the midway),¨El floridita¨ (The Floridita),¨El Hotel¨(The Hotel)

Both Worlds among this Havanan municipality so many shocking edifications of this town international heritage of the Humanity.Havana worldwide patrimony has many places of concerning to the ones that also we visit  like ¨La Finca Vigía¨ (The Farmstead Vigía) Which was the house of the famous american writer Ernest Hemingway for over 20 years and in which he wrote  some of his most famous books, the place keeps in good condition how it seems like still the writer meets in the house and the sensation that we would be able to find him in some of the rooms doing his daily activities, and some other places like¨El Callejón de Jamell¨ (The Jamell Street) cultural place where we enjoy in a good measure of  everything according to the Afro-Cuban culture, its religions, its dances and traditions that has enriched so much the Cuban culture ¨Museo de la Revolución¨(Museum of the Revolution), ¨Museo De Bellas Artes¨ (Fine Arts Museum) ¨Museo del Ron¨(Museum of the Rum) among so many that they surround the city offering a lot of knowledge of Cuba and its history, as well as its so famous Tabaccos’s Factories in its daily works where hundred of tabacconist twist The most exquisite worldly tobaccos day by day.

Havana possesses for the lovers of the  Caribbean Sun, beautiful beaches as ¨Playa Santa María¨(Santa María Beach) and ¨Playa Guanabo¨( Guanabo Beach) both belong to a  set of  beaches of the east of Havana.



Starting from the Central Park of Havana, specifically in front of the ¨Hotel Inglaterra¨( England Hotel) ( Lat: 23.137 Lon: – 82.359 ) or from the accommodations or Hotels of the customers where we will mount classical cars of the decade of 50 ‘s ( Chevrolet, Oldmovile, Plymouth, Ford, Mercury among others ) beginning a journey enjoying the majesty of imposing buildings such as :El Capitolio¨  (The Capitol),¨El Gran Teatro de la Habana¨ (The Habana’s Great Theater), ¨Edificio Bacardí¨(Bacardí Buildind) ¨Palacio Presidencial¨ (Executive Mansion), in order to get ready to cross The Tunnel of Havana where we will enjoy Antiaircraft Defense’s museum where we will see an exposition of Russian armament for the antiaircraft fight in Cuba including Cohetes’s signs nuclear of the year 1961,¨El Cristo de la Habana¨ (The Christ of Havana), the Three wise men’s Castile of the Snout will be visited, will return for the tunnel again to circulate for The Jetty, we will see the set of monuments that they accompany this so Famous avenue in Cuba along with buildings like The Hospital ¨Hermanos Amejeiras¨,(Almejeiras Brothers)  The National Hotel, The Focsa straightaway  we will Cross the Vedado Neighborhood  to get to ¨Plaza de la Revolución) (The Revolution’s Square )( Lat: 23.124 Lon: – 82.385 ) from where we will observe,¨El Mausoleo y el Monumento José Martí¨ (The Mausoleum and Monumento José Martí), ¨La Biblioteca Nacional¨(The National Library), ¨Edificio del Ministerio de Las FAR¨(The Building of the Ministry of The FAR), we will displace ¨El edificio del Consejo de Estado¨ (The building of the State Council) right after this encounter with the Cuban revolutionaries´ most important Square, later we´re going to have lunch in a local Restaurant. After lunch to know more about Havana we will walk from the streets of Old Havana moving around for the streets: Obispos ,La Floridita and La Bodeguita we will enjoy of emblematic bars like  ¨La Bodeguita del Mdio¨(The Midway Shop), ¨La plaza de La Catedral¨(The Cathedral’s Square) surrounded by The Houses of Aguas Claras’ Marquis, Lombillo’s Count, Arcos’s Marquis and Bayona’s Count’s House; The parade ground watched by the Field Marshals’ Palace, the Real Force’s Castle and The Small Temple; And San Francisco’s Square among many buildings to observe them yields us the light sensation to move back in time, so, through this way return to the exit.

This excursion is estimated about 8 hrs.



Departing from the Central Park at 9:30 of AM or from client’s accommodations or Hoteles, Firstly we will visit Tabacco’s factory ( Lat: 23.123 Lon: – 82, 369 ) we will have opportunity to go over the factory that has different floors in each one during this visit of whom different works are made in the manufacturing of Tabacco The Classification of The leaves, The area of Twisting Cigars, The classification of The Cigars, rung and the place of packing, during this visit customers enjoy of the factory in a complete work period as well as his workers in their daily duties.

We will visit The Callejón Jamell in a second part of the journey to keep on and going into our tradition  ( Lat: 23.138 Lon: – 82.375 ) this is not a religious place this is a cultural place where we will find performances of the African culture at the sometimes  that you dance, Religions among other things together make part of our extract; We will set out to have lunch at a local restaurant.

We will set out to visit the Rum’s Museum after the lunch ( Lat: 23.136 Lon: – 82.347 ) where we will learn everything related to the history and traditions of Cuban Rum, right after this lovely visit we will enrich our afternoon visiting The Coche Mambí and The Old Square to enjoy the wonderful architecture that surround them, and later we will walk to the starter point.

This excursion is estimated about 8 hrs.



Departing from the Central Park to the 9 am or from accommodations or Hoteles of the customers, we will transfer to the Revolution’s Museum place where we will know and we will delve deeply into the history of the revolution of Cuba, details of its principal facts from the revolutionary fights to the principal obstacles and the eternal confrontation with the government of the United States of America to keep on knowing of the history of our Island we will go to Sanfrancisco’s Hills 14 km from the downtown through this way we´re going up to The Farmstead Vigía ( Lat: 23.065 Lon: – 82297 ) beautiful place well-known internationally to have been the famous North American writer’s House of Ernest Hemingway, in that place you´ll have the opportunity to enjoy details of the life of the writer which had a very active and fraught life of conflicts, author of several books of worldwide importance, one was considered a sex’s symbol , because his life was surrounded of many romances that marked him in addition to his 4 marriages, he took an active part in The Spanish Civil War and first- World War and this place becomes a place where we will learn very much from Hemingway’s history and Cuba with a very controversial life. We will have lunch at a local Restaurant after these interesting visit we give open space to customers which will have opportunity to visit places of interest that they desire within the contours of Havana, next returning to the starting points.

This excursion is estimated about 8 hrs.


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  1. Don Simon

    Hi, we live in the USA and have been to Cuba, now we are considering an off-the-beaten track adventure. Things like an overnight trek in the mountains, going fishing with a local fisherman, learning the indigenous story in Cuba plus a little city life too. We are open to ideas. Is this the type of thing that you do? It would be two couples. Thanks, Don


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