Bay of Pig

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Sep 18, 2018 | Routes | 2 comments



For this excursion we can leave from two different places:the first is from Havana and the second one from Playa Larga´s Neighborhood at Ciénaga de Zapata´s Municipality. In both places we can  pick the customers up in their own accommodations  or Hoteles; in case of Havana we must start at 7:30 due to the long distance  but if the customers are in Playa larga we can start at 9:00 am.The first activity of the day will be the visit to The Fishes´ Cave ( Lat: 22,166 Lon: – 81,136 ) this is one of the deepest cave of the island with 74 m. We will make a snorkel enjoying of several fishes’ habitat in, immediately afterwards changing positions to the water of Cochinos’s Bay to continue with the snorkel but this time in the bay’s crystalline water where we will enjoy the coral reef with over a hundred of fishes that interact to form all tinted show which we won´t forget.

We will transfer to the neighborhood of Playa Girón’s town where we will accomplish the visit to one of the paths of the national Cienaga de Zapata,there we will visit the path The Enigma of the Rock ( Lat: 22,073 Lon: – 81,057 ), at this attractive path we will enjoy the flora and fauna but the principal attraction of this journey are the famous Cenotes these that which exist in these rock formations they get in touch with the sea, they form ecosystems with fishes’ wide range that only many of them inhabit in these habitat endemic like The manjuarí which is a prehistoric sort of fish,besides we will have opportunity to enjoy a refreshing swimming time in these wonderful Cenotes’s fresh waters. Straightaway we will change positions to a local restaurant after the visit to the Cenotes where will make the lunch, after visiting at the town Playa Girón’s Museum in this museum we will know the details of the Invasion accomplished by Cubans with residence at USA who were trained and prepared by CIA On April 1961 happened in Bahía de Cochinos famous events. We will change positions to the accommodations in which the invader were picked up in the morning.

This excursion, leaving from Havana is estimated about 11 hrs, but coming out from any accommodation of Playa Larga or Playa Giron neighborhood has a total success in 8 hrs.


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  1. Richard Wyckoff

    Hello Alber,

    Richard from California here. Just looked through your (this) website and it looks great! Makes me want to come back!
    Keep up the good work, you already are very popular!
    Take care,

  2. Alber Hernandez

    Thank you very much Richard, say hi to you wife and say to Jim and Elizabeth, was a really great time with your because your are excelent people, if you need a guide in Cuba you have a guide and a friend here.
    Alber The Hiker


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