Baracoa City

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We came across Baracoa in the most eastern extreme part of the Island, the first Village Founded by the Spanishes in Cuba in 1511, this small piece of land which was considered by The Admiral Christopher Colon The most beautiful land that the Human eyes have seen,it possesses a natural charm, acquaintance like the city Landscape of Cuba as such the most beautiful rivers of Cuba, a little city but with many stories and traditions. Its Historic center although it is small shows sign of all of the types of influence that contributed to the development of this beautiful city, its people are a part of its originality because you won´t find pretty familiar person in some other places,but in Baracoa you wll find peolpe with this characteristic. With the National Park Alejandro de Humboldt of marked natural interest to keep biodiversity’s high grade and endemism, sorts like The Almiquí, The Little Cuban Frog, The Cuban Parrot, The Trogon, The Hummingbird and the bee-hummingbird among others that are  part of the characters’s group that interact with us to enjoy of  tranquility at its natural surroundings and the unique endemism of this beautiful Natural park. Another place of  natural  importance is El Yunque, this is a mountain of square form and  it is a town’s symbol and at the same time national monument, possess 575 meters above sea level, its level of difficulty is considered high but it is very comforting to get to the top and to enjoy the fabulous view of the bay, Baracoa’s city, the basins of the rivers Duaba and Toa ,the last one is who has the highest volume of water of Cuba,and the mountainous set Duaba-Yunque-  Quivijan which belongs to Cuchillas del Toa which the  Humboltd Park is  integrated also, during the hike it is possible to enjoy of endemic local flora and fauna that only exist in this place,we enjoy of beautiful landscapes and a gret view of  Duaba and Toa river, it finishes the day with a refreshing and relaxing swimming time in the waterfall of Duaba.

A full place of legends and with an indescribable beauty is the famous Cannon of Yumurí and it is to 22 km from Baracoa’s city, in this place we begin its attraction during the transfer because we visits a productive cocoa farmstead where the owners ( women ) explain all of the traditional process of the cocoa, ancient, natural and organic process,a very interesting 100 %, chocolate with  sugar cane´s syrup, chocolate with honey, plain chocolate and by-products of chocolate; we continue the excursion enjoying of wonderful landscapes,coconut plantations, cocoa´s plantations, coastal landscapes with beaches, rocks, caves after we get to the Cannon of Yumurí,there we will have the opportunity meet the Polymitas, some endemic colorful snails from Baracoa.Later a boat trip in the river through the natual cannon then a wlking time on the almond Island a a swimming time in a natural swimming pool. Then we go to Barigua´s Beach to have a relaxing beach time and to finish this spectacular day.



Starting from The Central Square, from accommodations or Hotels of the customers at 8:30 the clients will enjoy in a first part of  moving through the city to come out of it, where they will observe beautiful campestral landscapes with cocoa´s trees and coffee, arriving that way to the nice girl’s hill natural Lookout from where customers will enjoy an amazing view of Baracoa’s most emblematic mountains and some local cultivations, followed of this and just some minutes from the lookout we will stop at Cacao’s farmstead where from her hostess Deisy, The Queen of the Cocoa, we will receive  thorough an explanation all the traditional process of chocolate, the customers will be able to taste different chocolate types ( with sugar, unsweetened, with honey, with bananina, etc.) As well as observing the different phases of the process. Followed we will enter to a beautiful cost line where we will stop in Barigua, one point of a great beauty where the customer will have opportunity to take photos of this and enjoying of the only one coconut´s tree with the shape of ¨Y¨ and the coconut’s capital is  known in Baracoa. Later on we will dwell on The Step of the beautiful Germans natural tunnel with some history, followed we will arrive at Yumurí’s Cannon, where we would walk to a small height, on the lookout of the Cannon after enjoying magnificent view turning over we will bewitch our eyes with the colored endemic Polymitas colored snails that only can be observed in Baracoa and Maisi. From now on we will descend from the lookout to go aboard the boat beginning the fluvial walk for Yumuri River that walk takes about 15 minutes to keep on walking and enjoying places of historic interest and native, arriving that way even the natural swimming pool taking a swimming time for an hour and giving back for the same path taking the boat and returning to the taxi again to transport Restaurant La playita where we will be able to enjoy the beach and at the same time we will have lunch receiving the fresh breezes of the Atlantic Ocean. Followed we would get to the beach of Manglito, a nice beach that we will visit where we can swim and there we finish the excursion after this amazing time.

Excursion estimated about 9 hrs.



Starting from The Central Square, accommodations or Hoteles of the customers at 7:30,and they will enjoy  after coming out outside of the city we will visit the chocolate factory which was founded by Ernesto Che Guevara on April 1, 1963 followed of this we will begin to get in the landscape that will guide us to El Yunque enjoying also a lookout where we will know something of the famous mountain symbol and national monument, continuing walking to arrive  to the popular Camping-site El Yunque place where the visitors center of the Park is,there we are going to have  an interchange with the guide ( me ) we will know the specificities of the promotion as well as information about the flora and fauna in the park, beginning the promotion in this way which will be in its first half difficult but dry enough and without many risks of falls,so,the second part of the trek  to be more humid is more and more difficult, that´s why climbing must be advanced with more care because it is a slippery part, halfway to El Yunque we will find a fruit restaurant that will suit someone’s purposes like natural snack bar with varied fruits, the main purpose this is  to recharge and hydrating our body, this is like a fruit buffet where you can eat as much you want. Then we continue walking to the top, there you will enjoy of the view of the city, Duaba and Toa rivers as well as the natural and lovely landscape.

It will descend carefully because due to the characteristics of the trajectory what one must be very careful,while descending becomes a little hard we would displace for the river  brook to get to the famous Waterfall of El Yunque, beautiful for the transparency of its water and the contrast with the so exuberant nature of the place finishing the swimming time at the waterfall we will visit Juana’s house where we will enjoy a chocolate accompanied of fried banana, right after this we would take the transportation returning to the accommodations.

This excursion last 9 hrs



Starting from The Central Square, from accommodations or Hoteles of the customers  at 7:30 am they will enjoy, during the journey of approximately 1:20 hours, wonderful river towrope, Maguana’s bridge and Navas’s bay, if during the journey something appears, of interest of the customers, also we will stop for the bigger enjoyment of them, and the same is going to happen all the way  to get to the visitor center of the Park where already in there we will find our place at the map knowing the extension of the park. It has 2 official treks, one is “Balcón De Iberi”a and the other one is “El Recreo” both all-round The first one belonging to 6 hours of long walk and a swimming time in the waterfall and the other one of 3 hours with a natural swim pool of Taco river, in both trek we enjoy the exuberant vegetation with its high level of endemism the same way that fruiterers with fruits like coconuts, pineapples and others besides we will find the typical fauna of the Park that uses to be furtive in both journeys with peasant, and we will stop in Maguana, Baracoa’s most famous beach, to finish and come back to the accommodations that you will have to be around the 2:00 pm place where in addition to have a good time of one refreshing and relaxing swimming time in the crystalline water of so beautiful beach will have lunch in a restaurant in at the beach,the name of the restaurant is Victor, after we  finish of having lunch we will continue enjoying the breezes of so beautiful beach, so, around 5:30 pm we are supposed to come back towards our accommodations and finishing the journey.

This excursion last about 10 hrs

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